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Implement an efficient triage process for emergent patients.

Technician Basics

Standardize key skills like restraint, handling, and IV catheter placement.

Medical Math

Practice conversions, calculating CRI, and other everyday skills.

Interpreting Diagnostics

Review standard diagnostic tools and tests like PCV and cytology.

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intraosseous (IO) catheter in veterinary patients

Overview of Placing Intraosseous Catheters

Gavin Selby, DVM, discusses how and when to use an intraosseous (IO) catheter in veterinary patients.

Mast Cell Tumor removal veterinary video

Mast Cell Tumor Removal

Andrea Sundholm, DVM, DACVS-SA, removes a mast cell tumor from a canine patient.

Blood chemistry machine veterinary video

Blood Chemistry Machine

Jessica Waters, CVT, reviews how to run a chemistry panel.

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