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Snag a front-row seat to a range of treatments, procedures, and more as real veterinary professionals navigate their cases.

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Dog rabies vaccine administration

Administering a Rabies Vaccine to a Dog

Kelsey Reinauer, CVT, demonstrates giving a rabies vaccine to a canine patient.

Veterinary Multi-parameter Monitors

Use & Troubleshooting of Multi-parameter Monitors

Joanie Abrams, CVT, VTS (ECC) reviews troubleshooting of multi-parameter monitors that are frequently used while patients are under anesthesia.

Administering Subcutaneous Fluids to a Parakeet

Administering Subcutaneous Fluids to a Parakeet

Kelly Flaminio, DVM, demonstrates administering SQ fluids to a parakeet.

Videos for every team member at every stage of their career

Veterinary teams love our training videos because they’re:

  • Quick and practical. Learn skills you can take to your next shift.

  • Based on real patients. See concepts demonstrated on patients like the ones you see every day.

  • Created by seasoned veterinary professionals who get it. Learn tips and tricks from dedicated instructors who have been there.

Check out just some of the video topics we offer below.

Physical exam on rat patient by DVM and vet tech
veterinary medicine skill building

Critical Technician Skills

  • Restraint and handling
  • IV catheter insertion
  • Medical math
  • Administering treatments
  • Interpreting diagnostics & tests
veterinary medicine training and CE

Surgery & Anesthesia

  • Anesthesia machine basics
  • Canine endotracheal intubation
  • Inducing anesthesia and recovery
  • Wrapping sterile packs
  • Abdominal surgery patient prep
  • Using end-tidal CO2 monitoring
veterinary medicine training and CE

Exotic Patient Care

Basic avian restraint and exam
Rabbit anesthesia
Avian blood draw
Snake physical exam and restraint
Bearded dragon supportive care

Veterinary case studies online

Client Communication

  • Phone triage
  • Greeting and updating clients
  • Managing client reviews
  • Patient confidentiality
  • Presenting cost estimates
learn veterinary skills online

Emergency Treatment & Procedures

  • Emergency triage
  • CPR
  • Clipping and cleaning wounds
  • Preparing IV fluids
  • Recognizing signs of shock
  • Toxicity treatment
learn veterinary skills online

Medical Equipment & PPE

Obtaining Doppler blood pressure
Obtaining pulse oximetry (Sp02)
Canine nasogastric tube placement
Donning and Doffing Radiology PPE
Sanitization protocols

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