Technician Training Kits

Grow Team Confidence & Consistency with atDove Technician Training Kits

From the team at atDove and DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital, the Technician Training Kits are designed to help veterinary technician trainers standardize their onboarding and patient care while helping all team members gain the confidence and skills they need. Available in multiple versions and levels to support technicians whenever, and wherever.

Level One: Build Foundations on the Floor

Available in General Practice or Emergency & Critical Care

3-pack for $150

Use the Level One kit to standardize your training system and evaluate a new hire’s skills with tasks achievable within their first six months at a clinic. After demonstrating each skill, technicians can complete the multiple-choice exam to identify areas of strength and improvement. 

What’s Included in Level One:

  • Protective covers and 25 spiral bound pages
  • Checklists of 80+ core concepts and skills
  • Exam with 30+ multiple choice questions
  • Exam answer key
  • Notes and journaling pages
  • CPR log
  • Links to watch procedural videos on
  • A-Z technician terminology glossary
  • Certificate of completion

Preview Level One General Practice

Preview Level One Emergency & Critical Care

Level Two: Strengthen Every Shift

Available in General Practice or Emergency & Critical Care

3-pack + Manager Workbook for $210

Master 10+ pages of skills and encourage feedback with the Level Two Training Kit for techs and managers. Techs can complete the skills checklist, multiple choice exam, and practical application within 2-3 years of working at a clinic, helping trainers identify areas needing improvement.

What’s Inside Level Two:

  • Unique manager book with exam, answer key, & feedback sheets
  • Practical application to promote real-life understanding
  • Exotic Reference Guide (ECC only)
  • Over 10 pages of advanced concepts and skills checklists
  • Dental Reference Guide (GP only)
  • Team support and wellness tools

Preview Level Two General Practice

Preview Level Two Emergency & Critical Care

Level Three: Advanced Skills in Action

Available in General Practice or Emergency & Critical Care

Individual kit for $95

Demonstrate technician expertise with 100+ advanced skills in the Level Three Technician Training Kit. Lead teams through CPR, monitor patients on ventilators, and demonstrate clinical leadership skills, all while keeping track of personal progress. After completing the advanced skills checklist, techs can test their knowledge in the 60-question exam. The Level Three Technician Training Kit is best for technicians who already have five years of experience in veterinary medicine.

What’s Inside Level Three:

  • Checklists of 100+ advanced skills and concepts
  • Exam with 60 multiple-choice exam questions
  • Detachable management instructions, exam answer key, and certificate
  • ICU Rounds Transfer Template (ECC only)
  • Common Veterinary Mnemonics
  • Advanced Medical Math Equations
  • Renin Angiotensin-Aldosterone System (RAAS) Handout (ECC only)
  • Capnography Cheat Sheet (GP only)
  • ECG Reference Guide (GP only)

Preview Level Three General Practice

Preview Level Three Emergency & Critical Care

Using Technician Training Kits for Ongoing Learning

Technician Training Kits are a resource for veterinary technicians to progress their skills and knowledge. Learn more about the workbooks here.

Level Up with Technician Training Kits

Learn more about Technician Training Kits and how the kits can improve the standardization of training and knowledge with a simple and organized layout.

A Perfect Match With atDove

Looking for more ways to onboard new team members, streamline your training, and challenge experienced technicians? Utilizing the Technician Training Kits alongside an atDove membership is a perfect way to ensure your team is supported every day.