Latest Past Events

Emergency Medicine Magic: The Sorting Hat Approach to Triage


Presented by Jessica Waters, CVT THURSDAY, MAY 23 AT 6:00 PM PT Triage isn't just a skill; it's the cornerstone of every veterinary technician's role, and we're here to demystify it. Step into the world of emergency patient triage at DoveLewis, a 24/7 VECCS Level 1 and AAHA-accredited hospital. In this session, we'll explore DoveLewis' triage […]

Exotic Animal Triage and Stabilization


Presented by: DoveLewis Exotics Technician Jamie Michaelis, CVT Are you interested in learning how to provide care for exotic animal species that visit your clinic? In this lecture with DoveLewis Exotics Technician Jamie Michaelis, CVT, we will discuss how to gather patient history and basic vitals for exotic animals in an emergency room setting. You […]

Veterinary CPR Training


Presented by DoveLewis Technician Trainer Jessica Waters, CVT We’ll bring the training to you with a one-hour virtual presentation on the basics of CPR in a veterinary hospital. Jessica Waters, CVT, will guide viewers through the fundamentals of CPR and provide instructions for team members working together, equipment needed, and roles to be played by […]